Well spiced Prawn cooked with thick gravy & served on a deep fried bread.

Bhuna King Prawn Puree
As above with king Prawn.

Garlic Mushroom Puree
Sliced button mushrooms pan fried with fresh garlic. Served on a thin deep fried bread.

Tandoori Chicken
Spring chicken marinated and barbecued on the Tandoor

King Prawn Tandoori
As above with King Prawn.

Chicken Tikka
Marinated breasted chicken barbecued on the Tandoor.

Lamb Tikka
Marinated lamb barbecued on the Tandoor.

Onion Bhaji
Deep fried onion balls finely chopped, flavoured and spiced.

Mixed Kabab
Chunks of chicken, lamb cubes, minced meat marinated and barbecued on the Tandoor.

Sheek Kebab
Spiced minced meat barbecued on the Tandoor on a skewer.

Triangular-shaped savoury filled with spicy minced meat.

Vegetable Samosa
Triangular-shaped savoury filled with vegetables.

Malay Tikka
Chunks of chicken, which is marinated in coconuts, cream and exotic mild spices then barbecued in the Tandoor.

Mixed Platter
Lamb and chicken tikka, samosa, onion bhaji

Chicken Pakora
Deep fried chicken with pakora spice.

Marinated lamb shank slow cooked in a tomato and onion sauce making lamb so soft it falls of the bone.

Shahi Chicken
Deep fried slice of chicken in a sauce, which made by our Chef with hints of Indian Cumin Seeds and exotic spices.

Kofta Khazana
Spiced & flavoured Meatballs cooked in medium, Sweet & Sour thick sauce.

Chef's Special
Chicken, lamb, king prawn taken from the Tandoor prepared in a combination of yogurt, curry leaves, double cream and a selection of special herbs and spices.


Tandoori Chicken
Spring chicken marinated in yoghurt with herbs and spices.

Chicken Shashlich
Chunks of chicken lightly spices & herbed with barbecued onion, capsicum and tomato.

King Prawn Tandoori
As above with King Prawn.

Tandoori Mixed Grill
A self-complete dish containing Tandoori Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka and Sheekh Kebab plus a Naan.

Chicken £7.50, Lamb £8.75, Vegetables £7.50


Prawns £2.00, King Prawns £3.50
Mild rich sauce of grated coconut cream, butter and exotic spices.

Rogan Josh
Cooked in thick spicy gravy and garnished with fried tomatoes.

An exotic dish lightly spiced, cooked and served in a sizzler dish.

Cooked with green chillies, capsicums and tomatoes, flavoured with fresh green herbs.

A rich taste of hot & sour, prepared with chilli, lemon juice & tomato puree.

cooked in sauces and flavoured with green herbs.

Medium dish cooked with diced onion, coriander and thick sauce.

Chicken coated with spinach and fresh spices.

Cooked in sweet, sour and hot spiced lentils and fresh vegetables.

Hot and spiced dish cooked and fragranced with a Bengali chilli pickle

Hot and sour, cooked with chopped onion and fresh coriander.

Balti dishes cooked in a wok with Fenugreek leaves and exotic spices, served with Pilau Rice or Naan Bread.
Chicken or Lamb

Lamb Tikka

Chicken Tikka

Montaz Special Balti
Combination of meat, chicken and prawn.

Chilli Massalla Balti
Flavoured with fresh green chilli's to a hot taste.


King Prawn


Biryani cooked in flavoured Basmati Rice with sultanas, almonds and cashew nuts, served with vegetable curry.
Chicken Biryani
With spiced Chicken

Lamb Biryani
With spiced Lamb.

Vegetable Biryani
With mixed vegetables.

King Prawn Biryani
With spiced king prawns.

Chicken Tikka Biryani
With barbecued Chicken Tikka.

Lamb Tikka Biryani
With Lamb Tikka.

Prawn Biryani
With spiced prawns.

Montaz House Biryani
With chicken tikka, lamb tikka and prawns.

Mixed Vegetable Curry
Vegetables with green herbs and spicy gravy.

Aloo-Gobi Bhaji
Potatoes and cauliflower cooked with herbs and spices.

Garlic Mushrooms
Fairly hot, cooked with fresh garlic aria chilli.

Tarka Dall
Fried lentils delicately spiced.

Sag Aloo Bhaji
Spinach subtly spiced with fresh herbs and potatoes.

Baigan Masala
Fried aubergine's in Sweet and Sour sauces.

Sag Paneer
Spinach with cottage cheese.

Mushroom Bhaji
Mushrooms cooked in thick spiced gravy.

Bombay Aloo
Potatoes, sesame seeds cooked with herbs and hot spices.

Sorse Bhindi
Lightly spiced with mustard seeds, tomato, capsicum and onion seeds.

Sag Bhaji
Spinach subtly spiced with fresh herbs.

Plain Rice
Boiled, Tilda Basmati rice.

Egg Fried Rice
Pilau rice and egg cooked in purified butter, almonds, sultanas and herbs.

Pilau Rice
Special fine grain Tilda Basmati rice cooked in stock & spices.

Keema Rice
Rice pan-fried with minced lamb.

Mushroom Fried Rice
Pilau rice and mushroom cooked as above.

Chutney Tray

Special flavoured bread baked in the clay oven.

Garlic Naan
Bread baked in the clay oven, garnished with fresh garlic.

Keema Naan
Bread stuffed with spiced minced meat, baked as above.

Peshwari Naan
Special baked bread with a fruity filling.

Cheese Naan

Tandoori Roti

Muglai Parata
A thick bread stuffed with spiced vegetables

Thin doughy bread

Plain Popadom
Thin crispy bread

* Special *

* Banquet *

Please let us know if you have any extra requirements.